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Makeena vending machine services in Amman, the first of its kind in Jordan, is a professional company based in Jordan which has grown rapidly to become a market leader in supplying a first class snacks and drinks vending machine service.


Our user-friendly machines help increase workplace productivity. By giving employees quick and easy access to snacks and beverages within proximity, you reduce the time wasted on supermarket visits.

Our versatile and adjustable trays improve employee satisfaction, by ensuring that a wide variety of products to meet their basic needs, is within reach and at their fingertips.

Our robust machines save on cost and space by eliminating the need for expanded physical space or extra staff to sell food and cold beverages. We take care of full maintenance, filling and cleaning.

Comprehensive technical support is available in one call, with a prompt response time.


We provide the best array of favorite cold beverages and snacks, in a variety of cold drink, snack or combo vending machines. Fully customizable, our vending machines are the best choice in the industry. We cater to at all types of locations including hotels, schools, malls, factories, & offices.
We offer a complete vending management service. We install the vending machines, keep them stocked with the inventory you want and handle all of the servicing and maintenance of the machines.
Our solutions are free. No start-up fees…No rental fees…No hassles!
Makeena vending machines services for snacks & drinks.

Our Lovely vending machine

Our Products

Chips & Toasted Bread

Mr. Chips
Sun bites Bread
and more

Pastries & Soups

and more

Candy, Chocolate bars & Biscuit

Twix Twin / Kit Kat
Snikers / Mars / Bounty
Maltesers / M&M / Oreo
Lu Prince / Chocolate + Biscuit
Kider Bouino / Fitness Bar
Nutella & go / Canary Biscuit
Knopper / Tuk / Cheese Biscuit
and more


Mr. Brown Ice Coffee
Lepton Ice Tea / Rani juice
Coca Cola  products
Pepsico Products
Red bull / Energy Drink
Water / Tropicana
Baladna Milk / Baladna Juices
and more

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We offer digital recharge to mobile wallet: JOD 5.00 / JOD 10.00 / JOD 15.00


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